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Canada - ASEAN Week - Doing business with ASEAN

Monday, Dec 12, 2016
- Friday, Dec 16, 2016

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Canada - ASEAN Week - Doing business with ASEAN

In anticipation of of the 40th anniversary of Canada-ASEAN relations in 2017, Tractus is hosting Canada – ASEAN Week, a week-long series of webinars discussing the opportunities and challenges for Canadian companies investing in, and trading with, five of the most important ASEAN member states.

Having celebrated its 50th year since independence in 2016, Singapore is a model of success, growing from a small fishing village, Singapore is today a global finance service and center and world leader in many advanced industries and innovation technology sectors. Singapore rapid economic growth in the 20th century to its current advanced state of development have, however, raised questions about the country’s avenues for future growth. Join Singapore Country Manager Joshua Brown for his state on the state of affairs and how Canada fits in.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation on Earth with over 250 million people and median age of just 28 years old. With an emerging middle class, this demographic dividend bodes well for the economy as the nation works to improve the business environment, and attract foreign investment. Tune in on Indonesia Chief Representative Daniel Bellefleur for his thoughts on Indonesia’s prospects and opportunities for Canadian companies.

While political turmoil and natural disaster was wracked the country for decades, Thailand is currently experiencing a major paradigm shift. The Government is enacting expansive fiscal policies to promote a shift in the economy away from the middle-income-trap and into “Thailand 4.0.” For Tractus, Consulting Manager Arunrat Chumroentaweesup will provide her thoughts on the view ahead for Thailand and what that future will look like for Canadian companies.

After opening its door in 2011 to the global community, and initiating economic and policy reforms, Myanmar has experienced a rapid transition into uncharted territory. Myanmar’s untapped and undeveloped market has been viewed by international investors as the “last frontier” with an abundance of opportunities, but not without its fair share of challenges across all aspects of society. Join Country Manager Martin Jancik for an update on ASEAN’s most frontier market and where Canadian companies fit in.

Vietnam has tripled the size of its economy in ten years. Growth has been helped by large amounts of FDI into the country, motivated be access to a large, low cost labor pool. A combination of regional and global economic growth trends, continuous improvements in the business environment and a strengthening consumer class are expected to keep growth apace. Join Tractus Consulting Manager Antonio Sequeros for insights from the work he and his team are leading for Canadian and other international clients from HCMC to Hanoi.

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Join us for a webinars on Doing Business with ASEAN presented twice, once during Canadian business hours and once during Asean business hours.

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