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GrowYourBusiness (GYB) Platform

The GrowYourBusiness Platform

Orissa International has launched an Online B2B Distributor Search Platform called the GrowYourBusiness (GYB) Platform, targeted at companies that want to do business in South East Asia and are looking for contacts, business insights and support services to enable them with their market entry or expansion into the region.

A key feature of the platform is the largest database of distributors that has been created for this region. Comprising over 11,000 companies in 25 business sectors covering 6 markets, this database was developed to help companies reach out to potential agents or distributors through various service options provided through the platform.

Companies can place a Distributor Search Posting on the GYB Platform for a period of 3 months. The Posting features their business profile, products/services, key USPs and the type of distributors they are seeking. Each month, Orissa International undertakes email marketing campaigns to its databases of more than 11,000 pre-screened distributors in South East Asia, to drive the right kind of traffic to view the postings. Distributors that are interested can submit an expression of interest directly via the GYB Platform.

This is a low-risk, low-cost option for companies that want to do an initial test to see if there is interest from potential distributors in one or more markets in South East Asia, before they embark on their market expansion plans. It is also suitable for companies that do not know which markets to target in their initial foray into South East Asia.

Between now and end March 2018, members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will receive a 10% discount off the prices for the Standard and Premium Plans (see when they use the discount code at the point of purchase.

The GYB Platform also provides business news on 9 sectors for each of the 6 key South East Asian markets, to help companies better understand the opportunities in South East Asia.

CanCham Members receive 10% discount with promo code: CANCHAM10

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